Friday, August 27, 2010

Snowballs aka "Raspberry Zingers"

After reading an article about the thirty-seven ingredients that make up a Twinkie I was reminded of how positive food allergies can be. By the time gluten, dairy and corn are ruled out of the ingredient list most packaged products don't make the 'safe-edible' list. Pardon the photo, I"ll update it soon. This recipe is a sure-fire packaged cake rescue. Again, don't tell anyone what these don't have, and all they'll taste is the "YUM!"

What really inspired making Snowballs earlier this summer was remembering being about four or five years old. Every Tuesday Dad would get paid by the Rocky Mountain News and we'd get two treats: eating out at Furr's cafeteria in Arvada and going to the Hostess day-old store on Carr Street. The sugary scent lingered in the parking lot, welcoming us into the store. The end caps full of brightly colored packages at my pint-sized eye-level. The store small enough I could linger by myself to ponder which treat to chose over all the others. Fruit pies? Hostess cakes? Lemon Zingers or chocolate? Would Snoopy be on the package this time? Or perhaps the exotic pink zingers coated in tiny pieces of coconut? I often wished for a package that held one of each Zinger flavor, it would solve so many pint-sized dilemmas.

My lemon and chocolate cravings have evolved, but the lure of a lightly red cake covered with fine shred coconut is still alive and well. The cakes themselves are easy to make, like any other muffin or tea cake. Dipping them in the seeded raspberry jam and rolling them through the coconut is messy, but after dipping all the cakes licking the jam off your fingers brings back the joy of being Five!

Preservative, additive and chemical free these get to focus on the soft, creamy flavor of coconut accented by that wee berry nowhere indigenous to the tropics. Using coconut milk and coconut flour creates a cake that manages to be dense and light at the same time.

I hope they become as fond a memory for my coconut crazies (that'd be you Jenna and Jolly!) as Zingers are for me.

Make a batch, pack them in your lunch or your kids and see how lunch hour goes. I bet you'll have to brush up on your trading skills...


¾ c coconut oil
1 ½ c organic sugar
1 c light Coconut milk (I use canned coconut milk to avoid the vegetable gum stabilizers)
1 tbsp Baking Powder (gluten & corn free, I like Hain)
½ tsp Sea Salt
1 tbsp Vanilla
4 Egg Whites
1 Egg
1 ½ c Gluten Free Flour Mix (I like Pamela’s)
½ c Coconut Flour
½ c Potato Starch

Makes about 18 muffins/cakes.

Place coconut oil, sugar, baking powder, sea salt, and vanilla in stand mixer. Beat on medium to medium-high until fluffy, about 5-8 minutes. Occasionally scraping down the bowl.

Sift together coconut flour, gluten free flour mix and potato starch. Set aside.

Scrape down mixer bowl. Add egg whites one at a time, beat on medium high for a minute. Scrap down the bowl and repeat with each egg white. Don’t rush this part, you’re building the cake structure. I use a kitchen timer.

Add in ¼ of the flour and starch mixture, blend on medium-low, alternating with the coconut milk. Scrap down between flour additions. This is a dense, fairly stiff dough.

Spoon into greased tins. Bake in preheated oven to 325 (350 if it isn’t convection), for 24-30 minutes. Turn the pan half way thru baking.

While cakes are baking make the raspberry glaze.

Raspberry Glaze
¾ cup organic raspberry preserves (Trader Joe's reduced sugar organic is my favorite)
2 tbsp water
1 tsp lemon juice
1 tsp Chambord liqueur

Deseed the preserves by pushing thru a mesh strainer with the back of a spoon into a glass measuring cup. Place cup in sauce pan of hot water to warm. Stir in water and lemon juice to get glaze consistency. Just before dipping cakes stir in Chambord.

Check the cakes with a toothpick for doneness. Should come out just barely clean.

Cool in pan for 15 minutes, then pop cakes out to cool on a wire rack over a shallow pan.

Place 1 ½ cups of unsweetened fine shred coconut in another bowl.

Once cakes are cool, quickly dip them into the raspberry glaze, then roll in the coconut. Place on wire rack to set up.


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  1. These are incredible!!! Took them to a picnic with a friend from Australia, and she said they reminded her soooo much of home!!! For me, they were grand, because they are deliciously coconut-y and I didn't get a post-gluten migraine. Thanks for making these yummy treats gluten-free!