Saturday, September 22, 2012

Mabon - a Savory Sabbat

Celebrating this season's Sabbat of balance and harvest is the perfect day to start a batch of Adventures of a Gluten Free Mom's Worscestershire sauce...after a breakfast, second breakfast, then elevensies of Savoy Scones for Hobbit Day.

Part of the fun is tossing ingredients into a sauce pot, and more ingredients, then still more! Simmer 10 minutes, add a final ingredient, simmer again, then pour it all into a hinged glass top mason jar with rubber seals. Remeber glass top for vinegar-based mixes or use a piece of wax paper between the jar and metal lid to prevent corrosion.

Here's the recipe link:

Want to make it vegan? Simple, delete the anchovy.
Today's bit of kitchen witchery will be ready to annoint grilled elk steaks on Samhain. Plus it solves the dilema of making allergen free condiments, marinades and sauces that include Worcestershire sauce; which seems to be 90% of the options from pre-allergy life. Now if someone would leave a zuchinni or three on my doorstep....

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